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Wordsmiths Magazine is a community of writers who love to put pen to paper. This is what we want to promote and nuture here, a community where writers are encouraged and supported in their efforts to write well and tell their stories.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to help our kids grow in their hobbies, and that’s where Wordsmiths comes in.

This space is a place of inspiration and encouragement, as well as where writers can gain valuable experience in editing and refining their work to become the best that they can be.

As a father myself, I positive communities for my children. My hope is that Wordsmiths plays a positive role in developing creativity, thinking and confidence, not just in literacy skills, but also into every aspect of the writer’s life.

Mike and his boys on a train ride into the city

Teacher, Writer, and Speaker


Mike holds a Master’s in Education from Melbourne University, specializing in Literacy and Creative Writing. He is passionate about writing and using it as a tool for creative thinking and learning.

He teaches students of all ages how to write, in schools as well as in writer’s workshops which specialize in creative writing for budding authors and hobbyists.

He is a husband and father of two boys.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he has taken his passion for the written word to the USA. He loves writing, reading, sport, hiking and coffee.


Reading and Writing Skills
VATE – State conference 2020
Victoria, Australia

Pedagogy of Connection
Renew, Transform, Influence Conference
CEN 2021


Mike is available for Writer’s Workshops, speaking appointments.


The Cost of Learning in Isolation – Idiom Magazine, VATE 2020

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